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Welcome to the Home of The Key Wizard.

Our Mission

We at The Key Wizard strive to provide the most Locksmith Friendly software, making the process of recording Key work fast and simple.  By eliminating the look and feel of a spreadsheet and using the standard layout of a Master Key System page we have made Key Trax and Key Trax II work the way locksmiths work.

Company Profile

Since 1987 The Key Wizard has provided ease of use and comprehension in software to the Locksmithing Community and to our customers worldwide.  Our software is meticulously tested on various computers and versions of Windows.  Our software is available in a demonstration version that allows you to test the software before you buy it.

1994: The Key Wizard provides the Master Key Generator for printing to Locksmith Ledger in the Basic Language, a simple five pin program.

1999: The Key Wizard produces Key Trax a truly unique and advanced version of a Master Key Creation and Management Application.

2002: August Locksmith Ledger discussed Key Trax and explained its features.

2006: The Key Wizard produces Key Trax II a version with new features for Industrial and Commercial Master Key System Management.

"Key Trax is the best software package ever." J. Rewerts, the City of Henderson Nevada Locksmith for over twenty years.

"The work I did in the last five minutes would have taken four hours on our old program." C. Hoffman (From Las Vegas to Macau)

"We could not do what we do here without Key Trax II" Lead Locksmith for Large Las Vegas Resort.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about Key Trax, Key Trax II or the current development of Key Trax III please feel free to contact us.

(702) 560-4245
(702) 546-5726
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1034 Featherwood Ave. Henderson, NV 89015
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