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Quality and Systems Compatibility Assured, Key Trax and Key Trax II are used by some of the largest facilities in the world, Casinos, Resorts, City Governments, Private Companies with and without locksmiths on site.  They all love the ease of use and dependable reliability that The Key Wizard Software has provided for many years.  Established in 1987 The Key Wizard has a proven track record of reliable service and compatibility with every version of Windows since Windows 95, up to and including Windows 7.  Updating you computer is not a concern with our software, simply install the software from the original disk on to your new computer and copy your old files to the new machine, no worries, no hassles.  Key Trax has only one update, which provides additional printing features to the original program.  Key Trax II has never needed an update, that's over Five Years of proven reliability and compatibility. 


     Welcome to The Key Wizard's web site. 

Here you will find Information on KeyTrax and KeyTraxII and our new Lower Pricing on both.  The Original Graphic User Interface software for Master Key Systems.  The Key Wizard software is Locksmith Friendly, like no other software it is intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use.  All features are optional.  You can use them or not as YOU choose.  Our Software does not force you to operate your business our way.  You simply use the features of the software at the level of complexity you need.  Each system is separated from all others.  Create up to 32000+ systems and keep each one up to date with just a few clicks of the mouse.  No cumbersome menu after menu after menu to follow.  Keys are recorded on the same page you assign them to users, don't want to record key users? No Problem, Don't want to record hardware, No Problem, all fields are optional and not required.  Built in help system and clearly defined processes.  Add a key unit, add a user and double click to assign, all on one page.  Pinning calculator built in on the main screen, the same screen where you can see the relationships of every change key to every master key.  Need to know which doors open with a certain key?  Choose the key and click the List Doors on the main screen and you see a list of all doors assigned to that key.  Need to know who has that key?  Click the Users List on the same main page and see the list of all users who carry that key.  Don't want to make an expensive mistake on software you can't or don't want to use? Try it out first with our quick and easy Free demonstration download.


ALL NEW PRICING!!!  We have reduced the costs of acquiring Key Trax and Key Trax II to the masses.  Key Trax used to sell for 349.95, it is now only $249.95,  Key Trax II was Priced at $599.95 a copy and now you can have the greatest, general, master key creation and  tracking software for a mere $499.95.  When you compare this to the other products on the market, which fall greatly short of The Key Trax applications, require yearly Service Contracts and "Technical Support" just to get them to work, you can see why Key Trax and Key Trax II are superior to those other products.  At The Key Wizard we do not charge for Technical Support, why? Because our product works!  We do not try to sucker you in to paying "Yearly Service Fees".  Our product works.  It is used by some very large companies across the world, one which recently purchased Key Trax II for their Singapore Property, not because of our great technical support, or our reasonably priced service plans, but because our products work, error free, no support required.  Test the demo, you will find that it works on all Windows Systems.  The Release Version is just as reliable and error free.  And if you do have an issue, send us an email, call us or write to us and we will assist you with anything that you may find that does not work.  We would love to have feedback on any problems our clients may experience. 

We do charge for Analysis and developing a Commercial Level Master Key System for you, or if you would like maps specially created for you, or you simply want to be given the personal hands on training in creating master key systems, but these services are utilized by the novice key manager and once shown do not seem to need further assistance.  We are so sure of our product and it's reliability that we offer reasonable tech support for free.

We DO NOT require Security Registration or constant verification that you are using a LEGAL COPY of our software.  I am a locksmith, I believe that I am above the average persons who seem to find it easy to cheat, steal and pass on pirated software.  But if I truly WANTED to steal, my skills would allow me to do so.  My clients are by and far, Locksmiths, those who govern themselves from being thieves, who can literally open doors and take what they want.  So if you want to copy our software and give it to your other locksmith friends, you will have to face your own guilt, We at The Key Wizard refuse to make our software a pain to use in fear of those that are dis-honest, because we believe that our clients are honest.  Buy our product and you will be pleased with what you pay for.

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     To provide the easiest to use and understand software system for creating and maintaining Mechanical Master Key Systems

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