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We sell Key Trax and Key Trax II as well as the Site License for Key Trax II. 

Small key from Key Wizard Logo Key Trax 
The first truly intuitive Graphical User Interface for Master Key System Creation and Maintenance Key Trax has set the bar for the most Locksmith Friendly software out there. 
Key Trax CD KWS001 $ 99.95
Small key from Key Wizard Logo Key Trax II
Designed for use by Industrial and Institutional locksmiths that have very large or many small related facilities that require keeping excellent records. Additional hardware tracking, Mapping of properties, buildings, and quick lookup of key to user and door relationships.
Key Trax II CD KWS002 $ 199.95

Small key from Key Wizard Logo Key Trax II Site License

If you wish to use Key Trax II on multiple computers you can purchase a new license for each computer or for less than the cost of three copies of Key Trax II, you can purchase a site license that allows you to install the application on any number of computers as long as all copies point to the same network location of the data.  Installing a site license on separate stand alone computers is not permitted.

Key Trax II Site License KWS002S $ 499.95

Small key from Key Wizard Logo Key Trax II Printed Manual

The Key Trax II Compact Disc comes with the user guide in MS Word format and in HTML.  But if you like you can purchase our printed manual.View User Guide online.

Key Trax II User Guide KWS002G $ 9.95

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