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We will assist you in designing and setting up a
Master Key System for a small fee per hour, no limit of students. 
We can convert your floor plans and architectural drawings to
bitmaps for use with Key Trax II.
We also provide Systems Analysis for Computer Systems not
running our software. 

Assist with Master Key System Design
Are you new to Master Key Systems?  For a fee we will work
with you and assist you in designing your Master Key System
for any size organization through email and phone conversations.


Convert Drawings to Bitmap Files for Key Trax II

Most organizations use floor plans to represent the buildings
they reside in, but these are generally crowded with icons and
labels that make the floor plan useful to carpenters, plumbers,
electricians, and other trades that frankly clutter what is needed
or desired by the Locksmith, the walls and doors.  We take
your floor plans and produce usable bitmaps for use in Key Trax II.
We remove all references to the other trades, leaving you with
clean, easy to follow maps that generally convert to 1 pixel being
equal to approximately 3 inches.  We have found this size to be
both large enough to see details like cabinets, lockers, and gates
that may carry padlocks keyed to your system, while still allowing
you to observe enough of an area that you can tell where you are.


Systems Analysis

If you have need of a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator,
MC IT Pro, Network Administrator, Programmer, Systems Administrator,
 Network Support personnel or other computer support
specialist we can provide these services as well.

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